Faseroptischen Komponenten für die Medizin und Industrie

Competence and experience

FIBERTEC is a company that manufactures glass and plastic light guides for industry and medical technology. The light guides are used in a wide range of applications, including sensor technology, automation, robotics and medical technology.

Since standardization is hardly possible, FIBERTEC also manufactures individual light guides according to customer requirements. Depending on the application, plastic or glass fibers are used.

Plastic light guide

  • Plastic optical fibers are less expensive and easier to process than glass fibers.
  • Depending on the fiber thickness, they have a relatively large bending radius.
  • Plastic optical fibers (POF) are available as single fibers and fiber bundles with or without cladding, depending on the application.

Glass light guide

  • Glass fiber optics can be used in both high temperature/low temperature applications.
  • With the optical fibers, the light transmission rate is higher. This makes long detection distances possible.

Application examples

Here are some examples of applications for glass and plastic light guides:

  • Sensors: distance measurement, color detection, motion detection
  • Automation: robot control, machine control
  • Robotics: image processing, navigation
  • Medical technology: imaging, surgery, diagnostics, lighting


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