Light line converters

shadow-free and high intensity light line

Cross-section converter | Line illumination

also called line lights, we manufacture in modular segment design up to a width of one meter.

Cross-section converters generate a homogeneous, shadow-free and high-intensity line of light especially for the use of line scan cameras (CCD or CMOS) in image processing.

Here, using cylindrical lenses, a light line with very high luminous intensity, optimally adapted to your special illumination task, can be achieved.

The field of application ranges from industrial technology to medical technology and sensor technology.

Depending on the lighting task and application, different optical fibers are used:

  • Glass fibers
  • Plastic fibers
  • UV-IR fibers

Light line converters | Line illumination

Here are some examples of applications for cross-section converters:

  • In industry, cross-section transducers are used for quality control of products. They make it possible to detect surface defects or flaws quickly and reliably.
  • In medical technology, cross-section transducers are used to examine tissue and organs. They enable doctors to create detailed images of the body.
  • In sensor technology, cross-section transducers are used to measure light, temperature or other physical quantities. They make it possible to build sensors with high accuracy and resolution.

Cross-section converters are a versatile tool that can be used in a wide range of applications. They provide homogeneous, shadow-free light distribution with high luminous intensity.

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